Strange Cult & Guns

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It was dark and there were many people, mostly around my age or younger. We were in a large building that looked like an old science museum. At times, usually once a day, we were scheduled to go into this large room where a few people were chosen against their will to test a teleportation device. There also was a small expo of some type with information and swag being handed out.

Some of us were planning to escape. We attempted our escape and managed to get through the semi-guarded check points with ID stickers that were given to us after going through some of the demonstrations. The small group of us ran outside and ended up by a rundown area with old trailers and cars along the road. We knew we were being followed and found some weapons in some of the cars. I had a shot gun. The man hunting us was a rotund bearded man that reminded me of an old sheriff of the west. He was walking up the river along the side of the road. We hada brief stand off, no one was hurt.

I said, “This is just silly you know.”

He agreed.


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