I have resurrected the dreamrealms!

Unfortunately, I lost most my entries from my dream blog. =( So the dreams you see will be incomplete, until I remember them.. which may or may not happen when one re-reads a dream. =) #hopeful

I hope to be adding more to this again and you are more than welcome to join up and add to the dreams!

If you DO wish to take part I only ask that:

  1. You try to use the existing tags if they work for your dream, if not by all means add a new one.
  2. If you are adding your own featured image (the image folks will see on the main page), please keep it to a height of 326 pixels. Then all the images will be nice and uniform! =)
  3. Choose the category (you can pick more than 1) and featured image that best described the mood of your dream. Category creation is locked for now, but if you have a suggestion, let me know.


Author: klymestar

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